(6) Summers over and what a summer. Belfast is hot including the weather and sales. Fall is even looking better for sales so gives us a call if your looking to sell or buy, we are here to help.

Give us a call at 207-338-3381 we are Your Local connection




(5)      Winter is over I believe but then again I’m not Mother Nature. It’s been a long winter but the sun is starting to shine a little bit longer and sales seem to be on the rise so here’s to a happy and productive April.

If your looking for a great agency then give Belfast Maine Real Estate a call to help with your real estate needs. Thank You, Charlie

Give us a call:  207-338-3381



(4) Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Belfast Maine Real Estate

The year is starting out great. As of Jan. 1st this year we have a total of 495 residential listings in Waldo County. With 60 Sold and with 13 sold in Belfast.

We have 48 pending in Waldo County and of these, 16 in Belfast.

So you see folks the market is picking up but the selling prices are down which is the sad part but hopefully to go higher as the market gets stronger.

Give us a call 207-338-3381



(3) January is now over and we are into February but time is moving fast especially if your my age. Lol

Anyway 27 properties sold in Waldo County last month and 23 0f those were residential so not too bad for the beginning of the year with March looking a lot better as there is activity with Buyers right now especially with the mild weather.  Give us a call 207-338-3381


(2) Well here it is 2016 and our first Blog of the year here in Belfast, Maine. If you need any assistance in selling or buying real estate in the area then give us a call.




(1)  Welcome to our first real estate blog on the internet. Hopefully we will get better as time goes along and that the market in Belfast Maine gets stable soon.

So please keep coming back to check us out and if the markets down, I promise you, we won’t be. Lol Charlie and Inez


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